Criminology is a really interesting field, after watching many tv series some people naturally tend to gravitate towards this stream and the career opportunities that come with it are many.

What Is Criminology?

Criminology is the study of crime this involves both behavioural and social sciences, involving sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social anthropologists and law officials. Their main goal is investigating who committed the crime why they committed the crime, their effect and the possible ways to prevent them.

They often dwell into the behaviour of the person who committed the crime, the factors which may have influenced them describing certain that may be taken to prevent them.

When investigating the crime, criminologists do not only investigate the factors that would have led the criminals to act that way but also at the effect it may have on the victim, family or the public at large,

Few areas that are covered are the number of crimes, the site of the crime, the cause, what type of crime, the consequences of crime at an individual and social level, the reaction of an individual and the society and the government.

They analyse, record the data and do more research to raise awareness, understanding and methods to prevent such crime

If you are a person who can think analytically, concerned about the welfare of humans and ready to work with disadvantaged people and have a sense of morality and justice this career option is most suitable.

Criminologists Degree

To work as a criminologist, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree, although you might be hired with a bachelor’s degree many often go on to complete a master’s degree in behaviour science. The courses one has to follow are behavioural science, psychology, computer science, logic, statistics and forensics.

In the initial phases of working one is assigned as an assistant or a junior criminologist, and usually, the title of criminologists is not given unless you achieve an experience of five years in the field.

There is another way of obtaining an educationincriminology, in a world where everything is digitalized. One can even attend through the criminology learning portal.

Career Option

As mentioned earlier the career opportunities that come with completing the criminology degree are many, to name a few,


For most, this is why they would have chosen to do criminology and as mentioned before their work involves collecting data, analysing and conducting research on behaviour of the criminals, the reason behind and the impact that it has and methods to prevent them and this job pays quite well.

Police officer

The knowledge of criminology in this field is very valuable because you have an overall idea of the psychology of different types of criminals this would come in handy when you have to investigate.

Forensic scientist

another interesting option if you have a degree in criminology, they are not involved in apprehending criminals or searching for them, but analysing the crime scene to get as much closure regarding the crime is their primary y job. They help the detective, using the knowledge in criminology they aid in interpreting the evidence more accurately.


To become a lecturer, one must complete a doctoral degree in sociology or psychology. It is also rewarding to teach the knowledge you have gathered with budding criminologist.