Not all veterans are technologically adept and it might be difficult for them to keep up with the latest development. This could pose a problem especially when it is time to claim for benefits since everything is now online and digital.

If you deal with veterans’ claim processing, the least you could do is to make the procedure simple and easily understood that veterans with no younger relative could be able to do it themselves. Here’s how.

Make the Forms Straight forward

Understandably, there are numerous things that need to be verified when applying for claims but if the forms could be made as straightforward as possible, the better. When asking for supporting documents, make it easier to upload and make the DVA claim processing software as flexible as possible.

Then it would accept any files uploaded be it in jpg, pdf, png format, etc. That way, the veterans would not need to reformat or convert whatever file they have. Keep in mind as well that not all would have the necessary gadgets and equipment so to request a scanned copy or a print out of something should be out of the question.

Have A 24/7 Support Service

Since it would be for catering to veterans’ claims, a 24/7 technical support is necessary because some veterans might have technical difficulties and issues while submitting their application. We know how frustrating that could be especially when we are almost done and then the system started acting up.

With that in mind, the software should have autosave so they could just go back to where they were before the system started malfunctioning. The software should also be fit to run in smartphone operating systems since most veterans would only have a phone as a gadget and would forego laptops and personal computers.

Tracking for Claims

We don’t know how much the veterans need their benefits. They would also want to know the soonest they could get their benefits and to help ease their mind, a live tracking for the progress of their application is a must to make the whole procedure easier for them. That way they could make arrangements if their claims could not be released yet on the day and time that they needed it.

Grievance Application

Since the benefits claim is very important to veterans, we have to make sure they are satisfied and received what is due to them. So, if there are any instances of grievances, they should have an outlet or a portal to air these grievances.

The software should have at least a tool for them to lodge or file a complaint. The software should also be as transparent as possible to minimize these disagreements and the veterans could see a clear-cut procedure of how their applications have been processed and that what they have received is accurate.

When you are thinking of purchasing a claims software for veterans, imagine it’s your grandparents using it and ask the questions, would they have any difficulties accessing it and what needs to be improved to make the whole process easier for them?