A smartphone is one of the most widely used piece of technology. It is increasing in sophistication to add new features to it, that allow you to accomplish various tasks that you would have only been able to do using a computer about a decade ago. Here are some of the important aspects you will need to look for when purchasing a smart phone.

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Most smartphones come built-in with a camera. There may be one, two or even three cameras that you will find in a smartphone. If the camera is a priority to you, you will need to find a phone that has a good camera. A front facing camera may go a long way as well, in allowing you to take “selfies” which is a global trend right now. When picking a camera, you can’t decide based on the megapixel range of the camera alone. The camera quality is mainly determined by the quality of the lens that is used and the software that the phone uses. A phone with a good camera tends to be more expensive than the other models out there.

Hardware specifications

If you need a portable computer in your smartphone, then the hardware that it carries will be the top most priority to you. If you are picking an Android phone, then you will need to choose one that has a powerful processor. The most common brand and arguably the best currently, is the SnapDragon processor. You should look for a phone with one of the more recent versions of the processor. RAM plays a big part as well in determining the fluidity of the phone when running hardware consuming tasks. Apart from this the GPU is another thing to look for as it determines the ability to handle games.

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Screen Size

This is probably one of the toughest calls to make when picking a smart phone. There is no correct screen size, or best screen size, since it will all depend on your preference. When picking a screen size, you will need to make sure that you choose one that suits you. It is usually a trade-off between portability and ease of use, so you will have to choose accordingly. If entertainment is your main priority, then you will be best going for a larger screen size.

These are three aspects that you will need to look for when purchasing a smart phone. They will all depend on what you plan to use your smartphone for.