If you are looking to buy a mobile device, then there are three main categories that these will fall into. This is the smartphone, tablet and laptop. Though there are sub categories for these devices, these are the three main types of smart technology that you can own. Here are some pointers as to which one you should get based on your requirements.



If your main priority is gaming, then your most favorable option would be to go for a laptop. However, the laptop may not always be a clear winner, since there are plenty of reasons why you would want to consider a smartphone or tablet for gaming. There are plenty of mobile games being released since the recent past, which has led to a significant increase in mobile games. There are even graphic intense games being released which can push your smartphone or tablet GPU to their limits. The tablet will be more favorable over a smartphone in this instance due to the larger screen that it has. However, the laptop would still be the preferred pick if you are a serious gamer.



All three devices, the tablet, the smartphone and laptop can be used for communication. However, the clear winner would be to get a smartphone if your priority is just communication. A smart phone is a lot more portable than a tablet or laptop as it can fit in your pocket easily. A laptop typically wouldn’t allow you to insert a cellular sim, so your only means of communication would be to use VoIP applications such as Skype and Messenger. This makes it very dependent on the internet, unlike the smartphone and tablet, which you can use to make cellular calls as well.



If your priority is business, then it will be very difficult to separate the three devices to pick one over the others. The smartphone can be a useful tool for business, since there are plenty of business related apps such as Word Processing software and Excel software as well. However, the drawback is that typing on a smartphone is difficult, unless you attach a physical keyboard to it, which most smartphones do support. The tablet gives you the same facilities as the smartphone, except it has bigger screen, which makes it easier to read documents. The laptop is arguably the best pick however, due to its processing power and vast array of software available.


Therefore, when deciding on which device to pick, you will need to first find out what your priorities are. Based on this, you will have to decide as to which device suits you better.