Coworking has been touted as being a great platform for getting a business off the ground. Traditionally seen as a haven of the start-up, the coworking space is now a part of the entire business landscape with SMEs and larger businesses finding the workspace style very attractive. In Australia, alone, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and countless others are finding that coworking is a great option to conventional leasing.

One of the reasons the workspace has become so popular is related to cost, but there are other intrinsic benefits, like its mental health benefits. Having the chance to mix it up in one of the most dynamic working environments is just one reason that coworking can do a lot for your mental health. Working in a sophisticated coworking space with great views, natural and like-minded people can have a positive outlook on professional attitude and work performance.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which a quality coworking space can improve your mental health.

Keeps You Engaged With Industry

A very important benefit central to work is that the coworking space keeps you in tune with what is going in your industry. While working at home might give you more access to certain information on the internet, nothing takes the place of being able to speak with other professionals. These conversations open up a world of resources regarding current practices and methods in any industry, and conversing with others in the workplace is a great way to get referrals.

Prevents Loneliness

Coworking can also prevent the loneliness that goes along with working remotely or working from a home office. Sure, you can head to the closest coffee house with great Wi-Fi, but being in an office environment with other professionals can prevent the loneliness that comes from working alone. Even if you are a solitude soul in the coworking space, the side conversations, the moving about, and the tapping keys on notebooks are indications that you are not alone.

Can Provide Diverse Perspectives

Not only is the space a place to be engaged and to prevent loneliness, but it has another function in being a great resource for diverse perspectives. Again, working at home and doing your research is great, but having conversations with others about topics in your industry can expose you to a wide range of perspective and more valuable information. These conversations can give you more than one possible solution to a problem or can show you how to do something differently but more efficiently.

Promotes Relationships Outside The Workspace

Being able to form relationships outside of work is very important. Finding mentors and friendships can really impact how people approach work and their perspectives on it. The coworking space is, first and foremost, a community, but it is also an ecosystem that functions on social interaction and can be a place to forge relationships with others.

Can Be A Place For Emotional Support

The coworking space can also be a place to get emotional support. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, and when things are going rough for a business, there is no better place to be than in a community of professionals who can actually be a sounding board and a source of advice. Unlike coming home and having a conversation with a friend or spouse, the conversation’s colour changes simply because the listener might be in the industry and more objective.

Coworking’s Health Benefits

Coworking’s mental health benefits relate to removing the isolation that comes with working at home or remotely. The office is more than just workspace because the community provides the foundation of support found in the space. This base of support ultimately can be motivation for productivity and business growth.