Ever since the invention of the first elevator that was just a mechanism consisting of pulleys and simple rope, the lift, as it is more commonly known to the public has gone through quite a lot of change. This is because of the vas t amounts of technology that has gone into the development of it. Moreover, with the increase in taller skyscrapers throughout Australia’s sprawling cities, a number of lifts has been installed, so as to make sure logistical problems are taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Here are just some of the more common types of lifts you might have seen;

Passenger Lifts

This is considered to be the most common type of lift that can be seen in almost any tall building. Be it an apartment complex or a corporate space, there is bound to be one passenger lift installed by companies like Adelaide Lifts in these structures. These lifts are quite rugged in that they can lift quite a weight and can transport passengers up and down 100-storey skyscrapers within a matter of seconds. In addition to its weight comes its safety, as there are many safety features installed in the case of any breakdowns.

Lifts for Home

These are often small lifts that are installed in houses or small apartment complexes. More often than not, these machines do not necessarily carry the same weight as the typical passenger lift, since the places that it is installed in do not possess many occupants, hence the compact design and simple features. Regardless, however, the same safety standards are maintained in producing such machines.

Hospital Lifts

Specialised lifts such as these Hospital lifts are literally life savers. This is because they transport a number of doctors and critically ill patients as soon as possible to the relevant emergency areas, thus increasing the chance of diagnosis and treatment. These lifts often are very wide and can accommodate a much heavier load, when compared to its typical passenger counterpart.


Sometimes not considered to be a lift, these lifts are generally installed apartments and mansions, so as to make the transport of certain objects, such as trash all the more easier to the relevant areas. Such an installation has drastically reduced the unnecessary movement of humans to mundane places, thus making it quite a utilitarian lift that makes life all the more easier.

Goods Lifts

As the title says it, these lifts are specialised in transporting heavy goods up and down many floors. These machines are often installed in malls, warehouses, and supermarkets, so as to transport extremely heavy loads to the desired location without any inconvenience. Furthermore, these lifts are considered to be one of the more rugged lifts out there, since the loads they can carry are colossal compared to other lifts.

There are a number of other lifts that you most probably have seen and ridden on, however, the ones mentioned here are some of the more common ones that almost any individual in Australia must have surely gone on, at least once in their lifetime.