You may have heard of people who earn thousands of dollars working online. While some of these stories are exaggerated, you can, technically, earn money online. Don’t aim to make an online earnings career permanent. You can try earning extra income by working online during your free time. Here are some of the things you can try:

Freelance Writing

Possibly the easiest and popular ways to earn money online is to write things for small payments. Freelance writing jobs are widely available. Each job pays small amounts of cash that will accumulate as you take on more work. You can charge more depending on your writing skills. If you are a fast typist and can write well, this is one of the best options out there to make money over the internet.

Forex Trading

The currency exchange market is one of the most in-demand options for those looking to invest. Thanks to the internet, now there are tons of Forex trading sites promising amazing returns. Keep in mind that there are many fraudulent trading sites that only dupe customers. But if you can find a good FX Australia site, you can trade in the Forex market legitimately and expect good returns. Some even help new traders train so you have a better chance at turning a profit.


Blogging has become such a popular online profession, you would find even a number of people who are professional bloggers. Starting your own blog nowadays is surprisingly easy. However, the tough part is finding a niche topic that attracts followers. You would need to focus on growing the number of subscribers you have initially. Then you can reach out to advertisers and start monetising. Keep in mind that you would need to post consistently to keep your followers engaged.

YouTubing and Instagramming

Becoming a social media personality can be incredibly lucrative in the modern age. There are YouTubers who earn millions of dollars off donations and advertisements. Becoming a YouTube or Instagram personality can seem very attractive. But keep in mind that this requires dedication, commitment, and thick skin to withstand online trolls.

First, you would need to find a niche topic that would attract viewers. The competition is tough in the gaming, makeup, and the critiquing category. But as long as you can give an interesting angle to your topic of choice, you can make it work. The first months of building a follower base would be gruelling. Once you do have followers, you can start attracting advertisers to make money.

Promote Brands on Your Facebook Page

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to build a social media profile on YouTube or Instagram, you can try Facebook. There are advertisers who pay regular people to promote brands to their friends and families on personal Facebook pages. You don’t even need a massive following. However, having couple of hundred Facebook friends would help. You can be a social media influencer in a small-scale manner to earn a modest income. Don’t expect millions without dedicating a lot more time to it.

You can try one or two of the above to make money online. Remember, none of the above suggestions is a get-rich-quick scheme. You would still have to work and dedicate yourself before the money starts coming your way.