Hiring new employees can be a long, arduous and a rather expensive process for many Australian companies. While some companies may bear these costs for recruiting a long-term employee, the process can be too costly for businesses that rely on seasonal or temporary workers. For example, a construction business that needs to hire contractors on a project-basis must have a quickly accessible and streamlined hiring process to control costs.

As the job market is quite hot right now in Australia, finding workers is not a difficult task. However, finding the right employees, freelancers, or contractors is a whole another problem. Here are some tips that will reduce the cost of landing the right worker for the right job for Australian businesses:

Rely on Software Instead of Job Agencies

Contracting the hiring process out to a job agency would incur hefty costs that some small businesses might not be able to bear. Businesses can make the hiring process much more cost-efficient by relying on programs like Buildxact software. Designed especially for trades, this program facilitates hassle-free job management for employers. Businesses can make estimates, schedule tasks, and create detailed quotes that reduce the overall workload associate with the hiring process. Tools like this are easily accessible with an internet connection and eliminate the costs associated with middlemen.

Consider Offloading Administrative Work

The hiring process involves looking at hundreds of applications, processing these documents, narrowing down suitable candidates, and much more paperwork. Businesses can easily get burdened by these tasks when it needs to focus on completing a money-making project instead. Therefore, outsourcing the administrative work to a suitable agency or freelancers would be more cost sensible. Unlike job agencies, these contractors would charge a fee for processing the paperwork without charging massive headhunting fees.

Learn to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes can cost your business when setting out to hire people. Small businesses may end up partnering with third-party agencies that do not adhere to local labour standards or regulations. When a situation like this occurs, it’s not just the third-party that has to pay the price. Small businesses should establish a reliable verification system to ensure that the hiring process is ethical and meets all the legal requirements to avoid costly fines later.

Know What Types of Employees are Needed for the Job

It’s not uncommon for some businesses to screen multiple candidates with different background to find unique candidates to fill the position. But this can waste time and money. First, start the recruitment process with a clear narrative, understanding exactly what type of employee the job requires. For some positions, experience would be crucial while others would rely the most on skill. Identify similar areas to target in a candidate. Knowing what you want would naturally streamline the process.

Think of the Re-Hiring Process

Your company will not have to spend money seeking candidates if there are contractors and freelancers available in a roster. When hiring someone new, think about the re-hiring process as well. Candidates or workers who are willing to be on a waiting list for new projects should be given priority to make the process efficient.

Cutting the costs of the hiring process will not be difficult when your business follows the above.

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