In order to make sure that your garden continues to be healthy, its cleanliness need to be maintained regularly. Here are some ideas on how to keep your garden clean and healthy.

Pests and Weeds

Mistreated gardens will have a large number of weeds growing, hindering the growth of your plants and absorbing all nutrients they need for their growth. Similarly, pests can destroy vegetation and even be the cause for plant related diseases and the spread of germs. You can always use good insecticides or pesticides on these but if you want more natural remedies there are methods such as spraying undiluted white vinegar (not a large amount as too much of vinegar is harmful) sprinkling corn glutton or growing plants that repel insects. All these methods are recommended by gardening experts and will still allow good insects such as bees to enter your garden.

Keep the Land Clear

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your garden from unkempt to clean is to keep the land clear of fallen twigs or leaves. Especially on windy days you might encounter situations like these. Always keep some tools such as rakes or spades that you can easily use to remove fallen, dry leaves and twigs so they won’t accumulate on heaps and make your garden turn into a forest. Dispose these items into a separate bin/ compost heap where you can actually recycle them and put them into a good cause back in your garden. At least clean the garden land once a day so it will look brand new and fresh every day.


Soil erosion can mess up the whole landscape and layout of your garden. If you want to keep the landscape design of your garden healthy, you need to avoid soil erosion within the garden. Soil can get eroded due to heavy winds or rainfall. You can avoid these situations by growing plants that will obstruct the soil from being moved by water or wind. If you want more professional help on this matter you can talk to a garden landscape designer or look for synthetic grass suppliers Sydney, who will definitely will you how to use crops to Dave soil. You can also build a raised plant beds or use rocks as a resistance to loose soil.


If you are using garden décor, don’t leave them out when cleaning. Statues or garden gnomes are the perfect places for the growth of moss and during hot seasons they easily collect dust. Make sure you clean them once in a while. If there are fancy garden lights being used, check occasionally whether they are working or not, and if not change them accordingly. Garden ponds and fountains need to be cleaned and filled with clear water too as neglecting the water and let it get stagnated it can result in spread of disease and germs that are harmful for your health.

Mistreatment of your garden will not only affect the looks of your property but also will affect the health of your crops and you. Try to follow the above mentioned steps at least once a week and check for the needs of your garden regularly.