Have you ever wondered why office desks, chairs and cupboards, are so much different from the regular ones at home? The only thing you may have noticed is that office furniture most of the time black, brown or grey in colour, and are also plain and boring. There’s always a drastic difference when compared to the decorative furniture at home. The reason for this distinction could be many, but what you should know about office furniture is that they cannot be randomly picked based on preference. Instead, they need to meet some simple criteria and need to serve a specific purpose.

What is the Real Purpose?

Office desks, chairs, and cabinets are available in many different ranges; however, they are each designed to serve specific purposes.

Office chairs are designed primarily to support your health. Working long hours is no joke. You will need appropriate seating with the right levels of comfort adjustability so that you can work throughout the day with the least discomfort or inconvenience. The same applies to desks and cabinets. Desks need to be convenient enough to move around and most of all, to work on with laptops, files and documents. Larger desks and tables are used for bigger purposes like conferences and meetings. Look up office desks Melbourne or office furniture in Melbourne whenever you are in need of perfect office furniture to install in your office. And you’ll find all the information you need along with a wide range of products.

Colours and Combinations

As mentioned previously, office furniture often comes in standard colours and are also plain. You would never see office desks and chairs with florals and prints on them, nor would you expect to find them in extra vibrant colours. Using subtle colours in all types of office furniture makes them distinct and appropriate to use in a professional environment. It may be a way of maintaining the atmosphere and an implication of discipline, limitations, moderation.


Convenience has to be considered greatly in designing and choosing office furniture. This is another reason why choices are somewhat limited when compared with home furniture. Office desks and chairs need to be easy to install, move around, repair and maintain. In case of damage, you should be able to replace a missing or damaged part easily. Wheeled and rotating office chairs need to be easy to manoeuvre with, but also steady enough and durable to endure movement and continuous use. Most offices are located in buildings with elevators and so, you may need to give it a thought when it comes to shifting and relocation. Unlike homeware, you cannot afford to put up with too much hassle or to spend too much time dealing with furniture issues.

Office furniture is a distinct range that cannot be replaced with any other, unless of course, tentatively. If there’s been damage to your office desk or chair and you want to have it replaced, you can do so only by getting one from the same category, because you know that they are simply not the same as any other users in your house.